Bras bas / En Bas or preparatory pbras_bas.jpgosition: both arms are rounded with the fingers almost touching, both hands just in front of the hips.


First position: maintaining the curved shape, arms are brought up so that the tips of the fingers are in line with the navel or no higher than the sternum.

Second position: arms are out to the sides, angled down and forward, with palms facing forward. Elbows are slightly lower than the shoulders, and wrists are slightly lower than the elbow.

A position intermediate between the first and the second position is called demi-seconde.

Third position: one arm is in second position; the other is in first position.

Fourth position: one arm is in first position; the other is rounded and raised above the head.

Fifth position (en haut): arms are extended above your head, slightly frontwards, as arms maintain a gently curved line. Shoulders must be kept down.